Business Analyst

Job Description
  • Analyze Sales Data: Assessing sales data for their organization. Examine weekly, monthly, quarterly, and annual sales reports to identify sales patterns and areas for improvement, comparing actual sales data to revenue projections and expectations. Additionally, sales analysts assess market data, including competitors, to identify areas where the company can increase its efforts.
  • Develop Projections and Forecasts: Develop reports showing expected sales and the potential effects of new strategies to aid in decision-making. Have to work closely with marketing, sales, and management personnel to develop forecasts and examine the potential revenue effects of various proposals.
  • Guide Marketing Efforts: Work with marketing team to develop promotional materials and campaigns. 
  • Present Reports to Company Leadership: Regularly prepare reports and presentations for executives and other company leaders. These reports can include data on market performance, competitor research, and general sales trends
Job Requirement
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration, Finance or Accounting.
  • Proficient in Microsoft Office (Excel, Ppt)
  • High level written and spoken English
  • Strong data analytical skills and sensitive to numbers
  • Able to present findings, along with forecasts and projections, to executives
  • Excellent team coordination
  • 2 years similar work experience
  • Profestional working environment
  • Competitive salary
  • Insurance & other benefits
Resume Requirement