Our business in factory for rent industry

Business model

Industrial Real Estate Development

With a best-in-class management team, sizable land holdings and a strong pipeline of future projects, BW aims to satisfy the rising demand for modern logistics warehouses, build-to-suit and ready-built factories for rent in addition to other industrial related products across all key industrial zones, a catalyst in driving Vietnams economic growth. We will be a key force in the industrial and logistics real estate sector driving the development and upgrade of other sectors such as manufacturing, logistics and processing in the country’s 4.0 industrial revolution.

Speedy Land Acquisitions in Key Economic Zones

We have acquired 230 ha square meters of projects under development and initial investment of over US$200 million within only 60 days from our joint venture establishment date. Following the successful execution in the Northern and Southern Economic Zone, BW will expand by another 170 ha in 2019 with an aim to penetrate Central Key Economic Region including but is not limited to Da Nang and Quang Ngai.

Supply Chain Consultancy & Value Added Services

With BW staffs' expertise in many different fields, we support investors who invest in Vietnam at all phases of their investment journey from obtaining investment certificate, business registration to recruiting, accounting supports.

Our road to number 1 is riding on 3 solid guiding principles of BW Industrial